A film by

Martine Doyen

Exprmtl fiction

(Black & White,VO FR st. ENG, 55′, Full HD)



A phenomenon of collective hysteria, a dancing mania similar to that seen in 1564 in Molenbeek, has started in the Marolles. The ‘contaminated’ people gather in the streets to dance frenetically. They have nothing in common, except to have have witnessed, from near or far, a terrorist attack.

HAMSTERs – An experimental feature film improvised with the means at hand in a popular neighbourhood in Brussels, interpreted by amateur actors and residents.



This is alternative cinema :poor but free. HAMSTERs has been shot with a very small camera, a computer and very limited ressources. This means no technical crew on the set, just me and the actors…HAMSTERs could not have been made differently ; its creation process, very open and based on improvisation in every level, was incompatible with the ways of film industry.

In 2009, four years after the production of my first feature film KOMMA, I was just writing scripts and I want to make a film. As in my beginnings, I’ve started a movie with just nothing: only ideas, actors, some places, a small camera and a computer. With the time, this improvised work became TOMORROW, an experimental feature about Procrastination… The experience was so interesting that I continued wit HAMSTERs. A painter paints, a musician plays music, a sculptor sculpts. This means me, I should be filming, right?




Martine Doyen


Martine Doyen


Martine Doyen, Maxime Gourdon.


Gauthier Hammer

Film editing

Martine Doyen & Patxi Endara

Sound editing

Casio Bxl


Gauthier Hammer


Casio Bxl, David Chazam.


Frédéric Rolland, Delphine Brual, Veerle Vaes, Jerôme Roland, Nicolas Monfort, Jean-Pierre Rostenne, Jean-Claude Dupéciaux, Georges Dykmans, Sophie Thirion, David Chazam, Sébastien Versluys, Corinne Pelé, Florence Petranto, Giuseppe Porcaro, André Guillaume Jacques, Marion Fougeret, Katleen van Lombeek, Emilie Ketels, Jeanne Boute, Alain Haubursin, Xavier Gorgol, Maria Brouillard, Madeleine Kobia, Bettina Windelschmidt, José & Leoncia Martinez, Christine Lapage,Jean-Luc Philippe, Luc Vanuytrecht.


Mother Fakir, Fyl Sang D’or & Anne-Laure Misme, Téresa Hernandez.


Spinach Productions asbl

With the Support of

Brigittines Art Center

Recyclart Art Center

Echevinat de la Culture de la Ville de Bruxelles

Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC)

Le FILMLAB du Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel

De la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles et de VOO